Meet the Board

The Board is responsible for the overall governance of the organisation and makes major decisions on policy, long term strategic objectives, legal and financial matters. The Management committee is made up of members of the Spanish speaking community with high levels of skills and with particular experience in various business functions.

Cecilia Hernandez - President

Cecilia has extensive experience in the areas of Management of Community Services, Community Development and coordination of disability and home and community care services.
Cecilia has also sound knowledge and experience in setting up Planned  Activity Groups for different organisations and local government.
The main motivation that drives Cecilia’s commitment with The Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre Inc is to unify the Spanish  speaking community of Victoria to work together for the growth of the organisation and the services delivered to the community.

President since 2012

Sandra Peña - Treasurer

Sandra is a Certified Practising Accountant.

Treasurer since 2016

Barbara Leon - Secretary

Barbara has been involved in the community sector for over 15 years, having worked in the areas of community development, family support, counselling and youth work. 
Her educational background includes the successful completion of Bachelor of Health Sciences with honours, Bachelor of Social Work with honours, and Diploma of Counselling.
She possesses a strong commitment to social justice and addressing social inequities, as well as a keen interest in promoting cultural  diversity.

Secretary since 2009

Mauricio Merino-Urbina - Executive Member

Mauricio is an IT professional with Infrastructure, Desktop Support Engineer, VMware and ITIL Business Process experience. More than 15 years of cross-departmental, multi-platform application and network administration support. Mauricio has several years’ extensive experience in system administration, management and ICT..
Mauricio has also extensive experience working with Spanish Community for many years. He is committed to making a difference in the community and through his experience in the private, not for profit & institutional organizations brings a vast knowledge and experience.
His educational background includes Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Business Management.

Executive Member since 2016

Gaby Rosso - Public Officer

Gaby has completed a Bachellor in Law (Bolivia University) and a Diploma in Justice in Melbourne, Australia. She specializes in immigration and domestic violence.
He has expertise in volunteer management in the aged care sector and in providing ongoing training and development. Also, Santiago has Occupational Health and Safety and Well Being experience on various committees.

Public Officer since 2016

Andres Zambrano - Executive Member

Andres has extensive experience in a multinational marketing agency. Coordination of corporate events, marketing strategy, budgets, cash flows and field of customers management.
Andres has completed a Bachelor in Economics (Colombia Central University), a Diploma in Logistic (Colombia, Central University) and Masters in Business (Australia, Federation University Australia)..

Executive Member since 2016