United | Spanish Latin - American Welfare Center Inc.

Welcome To UNITED 

United, Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre is the go-to organization for the Spanish speakers in Victoria.

UNITED provides a wide range of aged care services and support services, prioritizing the Spanish speaking community. But our services are culturally and linguistically appropriate for all the different communities in Victoria.

Since 40 years ago, we work towards creating a healthy and resilient community in wide range of areas to help all round development.

  •  Aged Care Services
  •  Support Services
  •  Educational Programs
  •  In-Home suppport
  •  Referral Services
  •  Community Services
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Our Services

We offer services across different areas to provide all round assistance.

Aged Care

Discover our in-home support services such as Home Care Packages, Short term services, Visiting Programs and Social Activity Groups.

Support Services

Our referral and information services cover areas such as Family Violence, Mental Health Support, International Students support, crisis services such as sexual assault, suicide and others.


Learn with us! Find out about the workshops and programs that we offer during the year.