AGM Minutes


 Date: 15th Nov 2016

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



ATENDEES:  See attached attendance list

APOLOGIES: Gisela Pozo, Connie Araneda, Carlo Toniato, Alberto Fuentes, Eda Fuentes, Kim (ETA Training), Cing (CHSP Team Leader- Commonwealth Govt), Frank Martinez (printing company), Tony Blackwell (Achievers Coaching), Beth Scott (Beth Scott Consultancy), Victor Araneda (IT consultant), Andrea Mesa. 



Master of Ceremony for the night, Ms Cecilia Hernandez welcomed all attendees to this years’AGM.  Acknowledgement of Country is given to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.


C.Hernandez seeks approval of minutes for the 2015 Annual General Meeting, held on Tuesday 17th November, 2-15.

Moved: B.Leon

Seconded:  Karina Agelvis.

  • The Chairperson, Cecilia Hernandez, presents her report for the year 2015-2016.
  • Hernandez gives acknowledgement of departed Board members (Ralph Garcia, Santiago Aznal, Pablo Vilela, Martin De Los Rios) and previous General Manager (Ms Adriana Osorio), thanking them for their contribution and commitment to the organisation.
  • Hernandez reports she has been working solidly in strengthening our relationship with community leaders to further UNITEDs mission.
  • Hernandez provides acknowledgement for staff and volunteers, new GM (Marija Groen) and Marija’s professionalism in her GM role and in moving forward.
  • Hernandez gives special thanks to Rolando Garay for his years of commitment to UNITED, and for his mentoring and support to her.
  • Hernandez introduces and welcomes the new members of the Board: Mauricio Merino-Urbina, Gabby Rosso, Andres Zambrano, and Sandra Peña.
  • New Board members introduced themselves and their interest in participating in the Board.
  • Hernandez seeks approval of new Board members, the motion is moved by Mauricio Merino-Urbina.

Moved: Mauricio Merino Urbina

Seconded: Cristina Savioia


S.Peña talked to the financial report.

S.Peña stated the organisation is currently in a good financial position, which will enable it to be sustainable in order to meet its mission and vision.

S.Peña seeks that the financial report be accepted as a true and accurate statement of the organisations finances to date.  The motion is Moved: by Luis Enrique Fajardo  and Seconded: by Mirella Savinelli.

S.Peña proposes to pass a motion to accept Collins and Co to be the external auditors for UNITED for next financial year.  Motion Moved: by Enrique Fajardo and Seconded: by Karina Algelvis.


Motion put forward by C.Hernandez to have 7 members as part of the Board.

Moved: Karina  and Seconded: Luis Enrique Fajardo

Motion put forward by C.Hernandez to have Sandra Peña appointed as Treasurer.

Moved: Cristina Savioia and Seconded: Mauricio Merino Urbina.


C.Hernandez gives a brief Introduction to The Hon Telmo Languiller (MP) for Tarneit, who is the Special Guest speaker to this years AGM.

Telmo Languiller- provides a welcome to country.

T.Languiller spoke about importance of Reconciliation.

Telmo Languiller acknowledged Gabriel Jara’s (Chilean Consular) work in representing the Spanish speaking community of Victoria.

T.Languiller provided his acknowledgement of the Boards work and welcomed Dr Teresa de Fazio (Commissioner) from the Victorian Multicultural Commission to the AGM.

T.Languiller acknoweldged Cecilia Hernandez role in networking and approaching Telmo to work together.

Telmo Languiller spoke about the governments work around multiculturalism and inclusivity, a  project which has been supported by all parties- to ensure that all government departments act in accordance with being culturally appropriate.  Telmo Languiller expressed that more work is needed in this area, and that he’d be happy to facilitate any further work in this area with UNITED.

Telmo Languiller spoke of his involvement in the United Nations Open Ended Working Group on Ageing – and highlighted the importance of family support in caring for the elderly (this improves the life expectancy and well being).  He highlighted the importance of having formal care in conjunction with family support, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Telmo Languiller spoke of his commitment to social housing, developing specific housing projects for Spanish speaking community(SSC) (ie: Derrimut project: 80 units for SSC of all ages to create a sense of community)

Finally, Telmo Languiller highlighted the importance of voluntary work done by Board and by UNITED volunteers.  Telmo acknowledged the work that UNITED has carried out over the past year.



Marija Groen, UNITED General Manager, spoke to her report.  M.Groen provided an acknowledgement of Adriana Osorio, departed General Manager, and her 6 years of work and commitment to the organisation.

M.Groen thanked Bank of Melbourne –  for the donation to purchase of bus for UNITED.

M.Groen provided her sincere acknowledgement of UNITED Team and Board, their hard work and dedication.


Mr Manuel Figaro- Client of UNITED’s Friendly Visiting Program.

Friendly Visiting Program client, Mr Manuel Figaro, thanked the UNITED staff and volunteers for their support and care- and provided background to his story and the care that he has received from UNITED.


Awards to: Rafael Cartaleo, Juan Carlos Rojas, Eugenia Rojas.


Ana Maria Roman: FVP and CVS coordinator introduced the program and the role that volunteers play in ensuring this program meets its objectives with much care and a high level of professionalism and quality.

Awards were presented to the following individuals for outstanding contribution to the FVP:

  • Sergio Monardes
  • Juan Carlos Rojas
  • Eugenia Vinardero Rojas
  • Karina Agelvis
  • Peter Nurse
  1. SPECIAL GUEST : Mr Gabriel Jara- Consul General of Chile

Mr Jara acknowledged the work UNITED carries out in meeting the needs of the Spanish speaking community of Victoria

Mr Jara highlighted the importance of volunteers in ensuring UNITED meets its mission and vision.

Mr Jara spoke of the Homeshare model (from Holland), which is working well in uniting people from different generations and could be a potential avenue for UNITED to explore.

  1. CLOSE:

C.Hernandez closes the Annual General Meeting at 8:30pm and invites all attendees to network and share in the food and drinks provided.