Meet The Board



    Cecilia has been with United as president since 2012. She has extensive experience in the areas of Management of Community Services, Community Development and coordination of disability and home and community care services.
    Cecilia has also sound knowledge and experience in setting up Planned ActivityGroups for different organisations and local government.
    The main motivation that drives Cecilia's commitment with The Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre Inc is to unify the Spanish speaking community of Victoria to work together for the growth of the organisation and the services delivered to the community, with an ultimately goal that is the establishment of a residential facility for the Spanish community in Victoria.



    Barbara Leon has over 17 years experiencein the community not-for-profit sector, having worked in a vast amount of roles from community development, family support, policy development, counselling and youthwork. Barbara's educational background includes the successfulcompletion of a Bachelor of Social Work, a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Counselling Diploma. Barbara is passionate about the health and well-being of all people, as well as being committed to social justice and to addressing social inequities. Barbara is also interested in promoting cultural diversity and unifying the Spanish speaking community of Victoria.





    Manuel Solano has an extensive experience in the financial and accountant areas.
    He was Accounts Officer at SPCHG. By July 2014 Manuel finalised his Masters in Financial Management and became Finance Co-Ordinator.
    Prior that, Manuel completed a diploma in Business Administration in Brisbane and a Bachelor in Finance and Foreign Trade in Colombia. While he was in Brisbane, he worked as a Sample receipt Officer and afterwards as a Laboratory Technician at ALS. Back in Colombia, where he is from, he was Financial and Administrative Director.
    Manuel was appointed as Treasurer of United in May 2017.



    Maritza has the passion for helping others and she believes that working with the Spanish Community is a way to give back.
    She has worked for commercial enterprises for over 9 years and have plenty of experience in the marketing field. She also has experience in tender and contract management. She has a Master in Business Administration and She aims to use her knowledge to contribute as much as possible and make adifference for the Spanishcommunity.



    José currently works for the City Of Melbourne (Melbourne City Council) and he has plenty of experience in community organizations and in the aged care industry.
    José has a Certificate III in Aged Care and a Bachelor of Business.
    He joined UNITED so He would be able to bring some of his knowledge into the Board, to be able to achieve changes, strategies, new ideas and processes which could benefit our Spanish Latin American Community.



    Paco has a Masters in Social Work, a Masters in Marketing and Management and a Bachelor of Arts (Majored in Advertising and Public Relations) .
    He has experience in the marketing field, branding skills and experience in the mental health field.
    He joined UNITED as he would like to contribute to improve United’s brand and its strategic position in the community sector, engage with Spanish Consulate in Melbourne, and potentially collaborate on the needs of the community.
    He also aims to create a project that provides mental health support, work with the NDIS transition and work to become a reference point for Spanish speaking migrants who are looking to settle in Victoria.




    EXECUTIVE MEMBER "Extensive global Project Management and Process Improvement experience acquired over 25 years working for multinational and not-for-profit organizations in the industries of:

    • Health Care and Social Assistance – Focused on Ageing, Disability and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse sectors

    • Financial 
    • Telecommunication

    For many years I’ve been dedicating my expertise to making a positive lasting impact on the well-being of disadvantaged communities. "




    Originally from Colombia, Rocca has a master degree in International Law with expertise in Human Rights and the Role of the Cultures in Society. She was board member of CELAS for 2 consecutive periods. She has15 year experience working with the Latin American Community in different areas, such as legal, cultural activities and community development and consequently she perfectly understand the culture and needs of the Spanish speaking community in Victoria.
    Her aim is to be proactive and help to develop the strategic plan of the Board in order to achieve the mission and vision ofthe Organization.