Tax Return Assistance

Tax Return Assistance

Filing tax returns can be a tedious job! It becomes even more challenging when you do not have much idea about the laws and tax regulations. Don’t worry! We are here to make the task easy for you.

Tax Help Program

Come to a free consultation with our ATO registered accountants who will give assist you to aply for your tax return.

  • What can volunteers help me with?

    Volunteers can help you lodge your tax return online with myTax or claim a refund of franking credits.

    If our volunteers work out that you don’t need to lodge a tax return, they can help you complete a non-lodgment advice.

    Volunteers are unable to help you with amendments

  • Who is eligible for Tax Help?

    You are eligible for Tax Help in 2020-21 if your income is less than $65,000 a year, have an ABN and you did not:

    Work as a contractor, for example a contract worker or taxi driver, except if you work as a cleaner or food delivery

    Run a business, including as a sole trader

    Have partnership or trust matters

    Sell shares or an investment property

    Own a rental property

    Have capital gains tax (CGT)

    Receive distributions from a trust, other than a managed fund

    Receive foreign income, other than a foreign pension or annuity.