Volunteer with Us

Volunteers are of enormous value to us and are essential players in helping us to make a difference in our community. We can only be stronger as an organisation and as a community if we have more volunteers supporting the amazing work we do.

We invite you to join our team as a volunteer if you are looking to:

  •  Have a meaningful experience in your life by making a positive difference in someone’s life
  • Increase your knowledge and learn new skills
  • Gain career experience
  • Be more connected to your community
  • Gain a sense of purpose
  • Give back to society
  • Offer your time and skills to support the mission of the organisation and help us keep growing.
  • Obtain employment references for future employers


Put your knowledge and skills to good use by helping us with administrative tasks at our head office. Our administration team is behind the scene to make possible all the services we deliver to our clients.We are also searching for talented professionals to help us in other organizational areas such as communications, marketing and fundraising.

We need you!


We are searching for volunteers who speak Spanish or are affiliated to the Spanish Latin American culture and are interested in enriching the quality of life of elders living at home or in aged care facilities and are at risk of social isolation.
Our volunteer program involves a commitment of 2 hours per week for a minimum period of six months.

We need you!


We are searching for passionate volunteers who can support our planned activity groups. Volunteers will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the positive impact that a day surrounded be physical and social simulation can mean for a Spanish speaking elderly.

Volunteers are headed once a week/fortnight from 9 am to 3 pm at 4 locations (East Melbourne, Noble Park, Sunshine and Melton). Volunteers are active part of assisting staff with group’s activities, set up for the day and meal preparation.

We need you!

Meet some of our amazing volunteers

"Serving the Hispanic and Latin American community in a country that is not ours has been a great satisfaction and motivation to my professional and personal life. I feel that with my knowledge I am helping the organization to continue growing and at the same time I am enhancing my professional skills."

Maryury Vanegas.

"I decided to volunteer with UNITED because it is the right channel to help others who speak my same language. It is also the perfect opportunity to give a helpful hand those who need it the most."

Victoria Duque.

"I have always enjoyed working with elders as I think they are admirable people whom I respect enormously. Being a volunteer at UNITED gives me the opportunity to offer companionship to our elders, make a difference in their lives and keep a smile in their faces"

Valentina Alban.

"Volunteering with UNITED means taking the time to do something good for the community. By being a volunteer I feel that I am making a difference in the life of many people.  It gives great satisfaction knowing that Ima contributing to the wellbeing of my community”

Pedro Flores